By the light of the moon

james-sahn-water-lilliesNature is awash in photo-manipulated moonlight – heavily saturated blues and purples tint the water lillies to a beautiful color.


Wood backgrounds can be very effective on websites, giving a feel for texture and mood.

The natural fiber feel is in high contrast to the very modern, jarry backgrounds.

I like these colors, but it almost has a “warning: danger ahead” feel to it.

new video experiment

binaural beats are supposed to resonate with your brain. as i understand it your brain operates at different ‘wave lengths’ at different times (when your sleeping v when your awake, when your studying v. when your watching tv, etc) and binaural beats simulate these different states.

when i first listened to these i found them annoying, but as i cleared my mind i found they aided meditation. i still haven’t decided if i find binaural beats more annoying or helpful. it’s a tossup.

hopefully this increases the benefits of meditation: improved health, improved motivation, improved concentration.

How do artists get discovered?

I’ve been working hard on my art, but I’m a novice. Perhaps I’m being impatient, but I really want to be discovered. Not necessarily famous, or anything crazy like that, but just discovered. Even the few comments that I’ve gotten since I joined deviantart (a great size by the way, very easy to use and welcoming) and youtube from people who like and encourage my work mean so much to me.

I get motivation from that feedback. Motivation to keep making art. Motivation to try something new. Motivation that keeps me from the stagnation that has stopped my creative efforts in the past. And I know that it’s not rocket science or anything, it’s just personal taste when someone likes or hates your work. AT least in the arts.

By the way, I can’t be the only one who gets motivation from positive feedback, so if you see someone’s artwork or videos or writing that you like, make a comment to encourage them. It will be a nice refreshing change from the usual bashing that happens online.